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I am a multidisciplinary artist working in painting and installation. My body of work is about deconstruction of identities and beliefs through an experimental study of various materials. 

My current project, 'The Surface of Your Land', asks a question of belonging in Kansas. While living in a rural town of Central Kansas for the last five years, the nature of Kansas offered a place of solace. I question how minorities and immigrants can value living and working in rural towns while fully belonging to the land. This question branches into migration, nature, and a culture of a place. 


My paintings are made with materials of the Midwest (oil paints, egg tempera and unprimed canvases) and migrated materials (hanji– Korean paper used for painting). The folding on my paintings eclipse parts of my original paintings, hindering the full view. The two intertwined surfaces create a new image that is a portrait of myself.

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