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Painting Series 2018 –

A Place to Gather, 2022

This mural project was to create a public artwork that could serve the Sterling College student body. The goal of this project was to heighten Sterling community's awareness of who our students are, and start conversations about a place combined with our sense of who we are. 

The intention behind the different colors and shapes on the faces is to show that every student has complex layers, and they are not to be simplified with just one element. This place is created for Sterling students who came from all over the States and the world and feel they belong to this community. 

The project was funded by Sterling College and  'Reimagined Space' by Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission.

The 150th History of Broomcorn Mural, 2021 

This public mural project was a collaboration with Sterling Elementary School and Sterling Chamber of Commerce in 2021. 

The goal of the project was to celebrate a long history of Sterling's broomcorn history and 150th anniversary of the town's establishment. The mural received Art Enhancer Award from Kansas Art Educator Association in 2022. 

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